Workshop Series Instructors


Dr. Bernd Gardill
Bernd is currently doing his postdoctoral studies in Dr. Filip Van Petegem’s group studying the voltage-gated sodium channels. His research is focused on how voltage-gated sodium channels can be modulated by calcium. He applies protein crystallography, electrophysiology and other biophysical techniques to characterize these channels. Bernd completed his PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Yves Muller in Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Christian Lizak

Christian’s tutorial will be: Figure making and structure analysis (Pymol)

Pankaj Panwar

Pankaj will discuss Referencing software, use of the NCBI/Pubmed database


Nichollas Scott
Nichollas is completing his post-doctoral work in the Foster lab.  He specializes in quantifying protein-protein interactions utilizing proteomics.


Jordan Shimell
Jordan completed his B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and B.A. in Psychology at Simon Fraser University. He is currently a graduate student in the Bamji Lab with an interest in the molecular underpinnings of neurological diseases. Specifically, he utilizes cellular and molecular techniques in conjunction with microscopy to investigate the formation, elimination, and remodelling of synapses in primary hippocampal cultures. His research is currently focused on understanding neurite outgrowth and synapse formation in X-linked mental retardation.


Ray Socha
Ray is a PhD candidate in the Tokuriki Lab. His thesis topic, “Mimicking the natural evolution of metallo-β-lactamases to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of refinement of antibiotic  resistance.”


Dr. Michael Yuchi
Michael is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the van Petegem lab and his work focuses on structure function studies on ion channels..