Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Member, UBC Centre for Blood Research
University of Leeds, 1973, BSc (Biochemistry)
University of Miami, 1977, PhD (Biochemistry)
phone: 6048223027
fax: 6048224772
phone: 6048224900
Life Sciences Centre Room 4368
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Research in my laboratory involves human blood proteins involved in coagulation and in iron homeostasis. Using molecular genetic techniques, we have expressed recombinant forms of many human proteins in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells. By using in vitro mutagenesis, we have studied structural-functional relationships in many of these proteins. For example, we have expressed recombinant human prothrombin as well as sub-fragments and mutants of this protein.

In collaboration with Dr. William Velander ( University of Nebraska – Lincoln ), we are currently expressing recombinant proteins for inclusion in a hemostatic bandage.

In collaboration with local hematologists including Drs. Carter, Wadsworth , Wu, Vickars and Zypchen, we are studying the molecular basis of inherited disorders of hemostasis. Current studies include patients with bleeding problems (such as hemophilia), individuals who clot too much (thrombophilia), individuals with hemoglobinopathies and others. Determination of the molecular basis of such disorders often reveals functional aspects of the human proteins.

My laboratory also studies proteins involved in iron absorption and transport including transferrin, hephaestin and ferroportin. We have recently extended these studies to include yeast iron homeostasis. In a long-term collaboration with Dr. Ann Mason ( University of Vermont ), we are studying the transferrin-transferrin receptor interaction.

Lastly, in collaboration with Dr. Scott Dunbar (Mining Engineering, UBC), we have isolated filamentous bacteriophage that recognize minerals such as chalcopyrite and sphalerite that are of commercial importance in BC. We propose to determine the molecular basis of the phage-mineral recognition and utilize the phage in the final stages of mineral processing.

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