2014 Michael John Page Postdoctoral Fellow AwardOctober 15, 2014Dr. Michael Yuchi to receive the 2014 Michael John Page Postdoctoral Fellow Award.                 Award Presentation Michael Yuchi and Roger Page Read More

Benjamin Martin at the Commonwealth GamesJuly 21, 2014Benjamin Martin a PhD student in the Howe Lab is representing team Canada in field hockey at the Commonwealth Games. Read More

Alym Moosa – Completed MSc ThesisApril 25, 2014Congratulations Alym! Alym successfully defend his MSc thesis,”Characterization of cellular abnormalities due to loss of TSC2.” Alym studied in Michel Roberge’s lab. Read More

Kristina McBurney and Alym Moosa Awarded Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant AwardsApril 10, 2014Kristina McBurney and Alym Moosa have been selected to receive the 2013/2014 UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. In recognition of the valuable role that teaching assistants play in our undergraduate programs, the university annually awards teaching prizes to sixteen UBC Teaching Assistants. The award includes a certificate and $1,000 prize. With over 2000 Teaching […] Read More

Leon Chew – Completed MSc thesisDecember 5, 2013Congratulations Leon! Leon successfully defend his MSc thesis,”Structural characterization of the Atg1 kinase complex by single-particle electron microscopy.” Leon studied in Calvin Yip’s lab. Read More

Gary Brayer Research – Cover Art in the journal GlycobiologyDecember 3, 2013A recent paper from Gary Brayer’s research lab has proved to be very well-received…in fact the “Most Popular” paper of 2013 in the journal Glycobiology.  See the banner headline on their website The paper is titled, “The structure of the Mycobacterium smegmatis trehalose synthase reveals an unusual active site configuration and acarbose-binding mode“. Read More

Jonathan Penfield – Completed MSc ThesisOctober 29, 2013Congratulations Jonathan! Jonathan successfully defend his MSc thesis,“The substrate specificity and conformational flexibility of ketosteroid hydroxylases”. Jonathan studied in the Eltis lab. Read More

Antonio Ruzzini’s research highlighted in BiochemistryOctober 24, 2013Some of Antonio Ruzzini’s PhD thesis work has been selected to be highlighted on Biochemistry’s website. “A substrate-assisted mechanism of nucleophile activation in a Ser-His-Asp containing C-C bond hydrolase.” Author(s): Ruzzini, Antonio; Bhowmik,Shiva; Ghosh, Subhangi; Yam, Katherine; Bolin, Jeffrey; Eltis, Lindsay Published in American Chemical Society Journal Biochemistry. Biochemistry. 2013 52:7428-38. Summary Meta-Cleavage product […] Read More

Allan Mills – Completed MSc ThesisSeptember 24, 2013Congratulations Allan! At the end of September, Allan successfully defend his MSc thesis,“Characterization of interactions of TonB and Colicin M with FhuA reconstituted into Nanodiscs”. Allan studied in the Duong lab. Read More

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research: 10 Biochem Post Docs Receive AwardsJuly 25, 2013MSFHR Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards Biomedical Category – July 2013 (total 30 in category) Award Recipient Project Title: Lab Julien Bergeron Architecture and assembly of the bacterial type III secretion system injectisome Natalie Strynadka Deborah G. Conrady Characterization of the bacterial cell wall synthesis enzyme BacA Natalie Strynadka Ulrich Eckhard Placental proteomics: protease networks to identify […] Read More