Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and BC Children’s Hospital present – Craig Wheelock

“Integrative Molecular Phenotyping: biomarker discovery in the ‘omics era-balancing quantity vs. quality”, Craig Wheelock, PhD, Candidate for a Faculty Position in Department of Biochemistry & BCCHR.

Dr. Craig Wheelock performed his doctoral work with Dr. Bruce Hammock at UC Davis in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry. Following a postdoctoral stint in the Hammock laboratory, he moved to Kyoto Japan in 2004, where he performed postdoctoral studies at the Bioinformatics Center in the Institute for Chemical Research at Kyoto University. In 2006, he moved to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, where he currently heads the Integrative Molecular Phenotyping laboratory. Dr. Wheelock’s current research is focused on the use of mass spectrometry-based approaches to perform molecular phenotyping at the population level. His interests are centered on understanding the pathophysiology of inflammatory respiratory diseases, particularly asthma, with an emphasis on the targeted analysis of lipid mediators (e.g., eicosanoids, sphingolipids) and investigating their role in the etiology of inflammatory disease.

Wednesday, November 28, 11:30 am
LSC 1410, 2350 Health Sciences Mall