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May 13th 2:30pm EDI Lecture and Astell Award  

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2024 UBC Science Rendevzous

Families came to UBC to check out our protein crystals and cells under the microscope. We led demos to test which colour dye moves faster to see some of the techniques used to separate small molecules. Kids could see themselves as a future scientist in our photo booth, complete with lab coat and beakers! Over 70 people participated in our two demo experiments to learn how to isolate their own DNA using common kitchen ingredients!

2023 UBC Science Rendevzous

UBC outreach to show kids how awesome science is done by diverse scientists!

We can’t change what we don’t see: Unpacking the blind spots around EDI in Higher Ed
Seminar at the 2023 BMB retreat by Dr. Neila Miled

  • Identify the major concepts related to EDI
  • Recognize Bias, micro-aggressions and power and Privilege
  • Discuss strategies to enhance EDI on the individual and organizational level

Dr. Neila Miled is the Anti-Racism Advisor in the Faculty of Medicine Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Neila brings academic expertise in anti-racism education, first-hand experience with systemically marginalized and equity -deserving groups, and a social justice and equity lens. Neila is responsible for providing  consultation and training to all units of the FoM by developing and delivering collaborative, anti-racist education and skill-building programs in equity, diversity, and inclusion.