Mentorship Program

Program Description

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) mentorship program matches mentors and mentees within BMB to build meaningful connections with a professional, career, and scientific focus. This initiative aims to foster a sense of community within the BMB program with an emphasis on Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EDI).

The BMB mentorship program at a glance

Who?  All members of the BMB department (Undergrads, Grad students, post-Docs, even PI’s!)

What? Participants will be assigned into mentorship pairs by stage of training: undergrad (year1/2) < undergrad (year3/4/5) < grad (year1/2) < grad (year3/4/5) < postdoc < PIs. Mentees will have the opportunity to ask questions, gain knowledge, network, and learn about opportunities surrounding the many possible careers and scientific disciplines within BMB. Mentors will have the opportunity to cultivate their communication and leadership skills as they share their valuable knowledge, experiences, and advice with junior members.

When? September 2022 – April 2023.

Where? Up to you! Zoom, your favorite coffee spot, lab space, library – meeting pace and location are set at the convenience of you and your mentor/mentee.

Why? Share and learn knowledge, contribute to the BMB community, meet new people, make the world a better place!

Guidelines and expectations

Matching. We will do our best to match everyone based on research and career interests and lived experiences, there may be some groups with multiple mentees per mentor.

Meetings. We suggest meeting a minimum of once per month, but frequency and timing of meetings can be decided by each mentorship group according to scheduling needs.

Format. We will provide materials for mentees and mentors to help frame discussions, but groups should feel free to discuss topics as they arise/see fit. Meetings should be a safe space for mentees to discuss various topics surrounding career and professional development, science, wellbeing, experiences in STEM, etc. Monthly newsletters highlighting interesting mentorship and EDI related topics will be sent to mentorship groups for potential discussion topics. Check in/feedback surveys will be sent to mentees and mentors during and after the program.

Conflicts. Any concerns, issues or conflicts that arise during this program should be reported to us at We will do our best to ensure optimal mentorship groups are assigned and can make additional arrangements as issues arise.


In addition to matching mentor and mentees, The BMB mentorship program seeks to host events aimed at bringing participants together for networking, career development, and EDI related discussions. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our exciting upcoming events!