Our Mission

To examine and promote EDI in the BMB Department we formed an EDI committee composed of undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, staff and faculty. By having representation from each level of the BMB Department we aim to accomplish the following broad goals.

  1. Establish and review departmental policy around EDI-related issues
  2. Formulate procedures to respond to incidences of discrimination and marginalization 
  3. Seek opportunities to promote EDI in our department and the UBC community

Step 1. What kinds of EDI-related issues should we focus on?

To identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement within the department in terms of EDI, we conducted a series of surveys and peer-run focus groups. Both faculty and staff completed online surveys and undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs participated in focus groups. Each focus group included 3-5 members of the target group and consisted of a peer facilitated set of EDI related discussion topics. We would like to thank all of the participants for helping us identify topics areas in which to focus our future EDI efforts. These discussions directly shaped our departmental EDI Action Plan and will guide our work over the next several years.

Results of the BMB 2021 ISAT Assessment: BMB 2021 ISAT Aggregate Results

Step 2. Develop an EDI Action Plan

In collaboration with the UBC EDI Office and the FoM REDI program we developing a departmental EDI Action Plan aimed at addressing EDI related topics identified in our surveys and focus groups.

The main objects of the Action Plan are as follows:

Objective 1: Build a deeper sense of EDI focused culture and community within the BMB Department

Objective 2: Incorporate EDI into our curriculum and teaching practices

Objective 3: Increase EDI focused mentorship and training opportunities

Objective 4: Increase and support representation of diverse groups within the department at all levels

Step 3. Implement our EDI Action Plan

Upcoming BMB EDI Events & Programs

  • Work Learn Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Astell Award

And more is on the way… Check out the Events and Initiatives page for more.

Accessibility Resources

If you have a disability or chronic/episodic medical condition (new or existing) you can reach out to the Centre for Workplace Accessibility to confidentially discuss what support may be available to support your equitable participation in the workplace, including funding for accessibility solutions. You do not need to disclose any information to us to engage in a confidential discussion with them and they will not disclose any information to us without your explicit consent.

You can contact the CWA via phone at 604-822-8139 or email at workplace.accessibility@ubc.ca.

*Employees whose employment is dependent on their status as a student (Graduate Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants) continue to receive service from the Student Centre for Accessibility