Objective 1: Build a deeper sense of EDI focused culture and community within the BMB Department

The BMB EDI committee is focusing on the following areas under this objective. Additional suggestions and feedback are always welcome (see contact information on the EDI homepage).

  1. Incorporate an EDI focused events into Imagine Day 
  2. Incorporate EDI into selection of seminar speakers
  3. Form a student alumni network to connect current and past students
  4. Develop guidelines for creating “lab code of conduct” to set clear expectations for lab members
  5. Hold monthly EDI focused seminars and educational events in coordination with BMB trainees
  6. Form administrative staff and research associate networks
  7. Develop common spaces for BMB undergraduates and graduate students

Relevant Resources:

Positive Space Language / Definitions

UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Office Programming and Workshops

A Guide to the Pronunciation of Indigenous Communities and Organizations in BC

Comprehensive document compiling unconscious bias studies 

Calling OUT vs Calling IN

Guide for Transgender and gender-diverse faculty and staff at UBC

Gender inclusive single stall washrooms at UBC Point Grey Campus

Reporting Mistreatment:

FoM Reporting Mistreatment

PDF Coordinators is under the ‘Conflict Resolution’  

Early Alert (reporting problems with students early)

Investigations Office can assist in situations of harassment

UBC EIO Human Rights team