Objective 4: Increase and support representation of diverse groups within the department at all levels

The BMB EDI committee is focusing on the following areas under this objective. Additional suggestions and feedback are always welcome (see contact information on the EDI homepage).

  1. Targeted increased opportunities for lab positions for equity-seeking undergraduate students
  2. Increased transparency on tenure, promotion and merit and promote EDI activities as a criteria for merit award 
  3. Update hiring policy and procedures to align with new FoM guidelines 
  4. Create hiring guidelines and procedures for hiring students, staff and lab members that includes transparency on salary negotiations 
  5. Increased transparency on service and teaching assignments
  6. Increase community and public engagement with under-represented groups with the specific goal of increasing and supporting diversity within our department

Relevant Resources

AMS Anti-racism Support Resources

Networks, Clubs, and Committees for diverse UBC groups

Affinity groups listed on UBC EIO page

Working in Canada (Helping international students find careers in Canada)

UBC Centre of Accessibility (Disability-related support to remove barriers for students with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions)

Creating and Working Well with Diverse Committees

UBC Faculty of Medicine Guide to Faculty Recruitment – contains information such as creating a job advertisement, establishing a selection committee that is more inclusive, as well as interview questions that ask about EDI, and useful websites for increasing diversity of applicants

Equity in the Hiring Process. On-demand via Canvas | 45 minutes. This relatively new on-demand course designed to support search committees in their efforts to recruit and hire excellent faculty and staff through a fair and equitable process. Learn key considerations and good practices for every stage of the selection process and become comfortable with openly discussing issues of equity related to the search process. 

Prior to any Faculty recruitments, all members of the Search Committee must complete EDIFY Training

Equity Considerations in Virtual Interviews With hiring processes moving online as a result of COVID-19, many are wondering how to ensure equity and inclusion in the virtual selection process. Here are nine tips to help make the virtual interviews in your next search process more inclusive.

Job Advertisement Gender Decoder