Tiberiis, Bruce

Senior Instructor Emeritus
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine

University of Arkansas, 1966, BA, Chemistry
University of BC, 1983, PhD, Physiology

E-mail: tiberiis@mail.ubc.ca

Research Interest

As a senior instructor, I have taught portions of the Biochemistry courses for third year undergraduates and for first year medical and dental students.

I was awarded the 1988 Teaching Excellence Award by the Science Undergraduate Society. I have twice received a Medical Undergraduate Society Award for Teaching Excellence, from the 1989-1990 first year class and from the 1992-93 first year class. In 1993 I received an Excellence in Teaching award from the Faculty of Medicine.

I have been active in the development of a new curriculum for the Medical and Dental programs and in training faculty to act as facilitators for problem based learning. I currently teach in the Medical/Dental Program, both as a lecturer and as a facilitator for problem based tutorials.