Living in Vancouver

Finding a Place to Live

UBC Housing has several year round residences which are suitable for graduate students. St John’s College and Green College are official graduate residences, which run their own application process. If you do want to live on campus then it’s best to apply as early as possible.

You might find living where you work a little claustrophobic. If so, there are plenty of suites and apartments off campus. Prices start from $400 per month for a shared housing.

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Getting Around Vancouver

UBC is served by 13 different bus lines, so it’s easy to travel around Vancouver . All graduate students receive a U-Pass, giving you unlimited access to bus, skytrain, and seabus service .

Entertainment in Vancouver

Vancouver is a giant outdoor playground, if you can think of an activity chances are you will  find it here. If you are into hiking, the mountains are only a bus ride away. The local beaches are fantastic for cycling along or for just hanging out on. There is also a thriving music and theatre scene.

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