Advising is recommended, though not required, at the undergraduate level and is available on request. Note, however, that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet all of the graduation requirements (required courses, departmental and faculty requirements) of the degree program and specialization in which they are registered.

Students are encouraged to review the information provided on this web site for an overview of a number of commonly encountered Biochemistry program concerns, guidelines and recommendations. When you cannot find what you need to know here, please contact one of the Biochemistry undergraduate advisors:



Dr. Warren Williams
Copp Building, Room 4209

General Advising
Graduation Checks
Entry to Second Year
BIOC 202, 203, 302, 303 enquiries

Dr. Michael Krisinger
Copp Building, Room 4207

Forensic Science Advising

Dr. Jason Read
Copp Building, Room 2031

Lab Instructor BIOC 301
Entry to Third Year
Third Year Advising
Dr. Scott Covey
Copp Building, Room 1114

Instructor BIOC 420 and 421
Course Coordinator BIOC 448 and 449
Fourth Year and Honours Advisor

Dr. Lindsay Rogers
Copp Building, Room 1209

Course Coordinator BIOC 448 and 449
Fourth Year and Honours Advisor

General enquiries may be directed to any of the above, but please note their areas of responsibility: stop by their office or get in touch with one of them to set up an appointment. Alternatively, you may contact the Biochemistry Office at 604-822-3178,, to have your enquiry forwarded to an available adviser.