Krisinger, Michael

Associate Professor of Teaching
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty of Medicine

Office: Biological Sciences Building, 3048
Office Phone: 604–827–1700

I began teaching as an instructor within the department in 2010 and amplified my involvement to full-time in January 2013. I am primarily involved with 2nd & 3rd year students where I lecture Biochemistry 202 – Introductory Medical Biochemistry and Biochemistry 303 – Molecular Biochemistry. I also work alongside 1st year MD undergraduate students, serving as a tutor in the Case Based Learning (CBL) program in Faculty of Medicine. Together with a fellow instructor, I instated the departmental 2-course package offered through the Vancouver Summer Program for visiting international students. I occasionally mentor instructor trainees, such as post-doctoral fellows wanting to gain teaching experience. Finally, I administer the CANVAS site for our department faculty. I am happy to give my insight to any general educational or career related questions – my door is always open!

In addition to my contributions as a teacher and advisor, I have a continued interest in scientific advances in research. As a member and former research associate at the Centre for Blood Research, my research interests are primarily aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms and regulation of coagulation and complement; two evolutionary related proteolytic systems working in concert in blood. To this extent, I helped co-supervise two graduate students before moving into full time teaching.

Outside of teaching, I am known to engage and dabble in many things. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and friends – biking, trail running, backpacking and camping in the summer, and skiing in the winter. On a more local front, I am involved with my community and committed to provincial environmental groups.


Comprehensive List

Selected Publications

  • Foley JH, Peterson EA, Lei V, Wan LW, Krisinger MJ and Conway EM. Interplay between fibrinolysis and complement: plasmin cleavage of iC3b modulates immune responses. 2015Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis: 13(4):610-618 doi: 10.1111/jth.12837
  • Bellac CL, Dufour A, Krisinger MJ, Loonchanta, A, Starr AE, Lange PF, auf dem Keller U, Goebeler V, Kappelhoff RG, Butler GS, Burtnick LD, Conway EC, Roberts CR and Overall CM. Macrophage Matrix Metalloproteinase-12 dampens inflammation and neutrophil influx in arthritis.  2014Cell Reports: 9(2): 618-632.
  • Yu K, Lai BFL, Krisinger MJ, Conway EM and Kizhakkedathu JN. Modulation of complement activation and amplification on nanoparticle surfaces by glycopolymer conformation and chemistry. 2014ACS Nano: 8 (8): 7687-7703.
  • Wat J, Foley JH, Krisinger MJ, Ocariza LM, Lei V, Wasney GA, Lameignere E, Strynadka NC, Smith SA, Morrissey JH and Conway EM. 2014. Polyphosphate Suppresses Complement via the Terminal Pathway. Blood: 123 (5): 768-776.
  • Krisinger MJ and Conway EC. 2012.  Role of the Endothelium in Hemostasis.  In Marder VJ, Hemostasis and Thrombosis: Basic Principles and Clinical Practice, 6th Ed. (Chapter 43, pp. 569-578). New York, NY: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Krisinger MJ. Back to Basics – Hematology. 2012. A ~120 min DVD recording forming part of the educational series for Med Lab Professionals for the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science. (Filmed at Blue Frog Studio, White Rock, BC on September 20, 2012).
  • Krisinger MJ, Goebeler V, Lu Z, Meixner SC, Myles T, Pryzdial ELG and Conway EC. 2012.  Thrombin Generates Previously Unidentified C5 Products that Support the Terminal Complement Activation Pathway.  Blood: 120 (8): 1717-25.
  • Krisinger MJ, Guo LJ, Salvagno GL, Guidi GC, Lippiand G and Dahlbäck B. 2009.  Mouse Recombinant Protein C Variants with Enhanced Membrane Affinity and Hyper-Anticoagulant Activity in Mouse Plasma.  FEBS J. 276 (22): 6586-6602.
  • Oslakovic C, Krisinger MJ, Andersson A, Jauhiainen M, Ehnholm C and Dahlbäck B. 2009.  Anionic Phospholipids Lose their Procoagulant Properties when Incorporated into High-Density Lipoproteins.  J. Biol. Chem. 284 (9): 5896-5904.
  • Krisinger MJ, Pryzdial ELG, and MacGillivray RTA. 2008.  Membrane Binding Comparison of the Gamma Carboxy-Glutamic Acid Containing Proteins of Blood Coagulation using Surface Plasmon Resonance.  (manuscript).
  • Hudson DM, Krisinger MJ, Griffiths TAM, and MacGillivray RTA. 2008. Neither human hephaestin nor ceruloplasmin forms a stable complex with transferrin. J. Cell. Biochem. 103 (6): 1849-1855.
  • Krisinger MJ, Anderson PJ, Pryzdial ELG, and MacGillivray RTA. 2007. The Prothrombin Protease Domain Mediates a Complex Membrane Interaction not Observed with Fragment 1.2.  (manuscript).
  • Wong AY, Hewitt J, Clarke BJ, Hudson DM, Krisinger MJ, Dower NA, MacGillivray RT. 2006. Severe prothrombin deficiency caused by prothrombin-Edmonton (R-4Q) combined with a previously undetected deletion. J. Thromb. Haemost. 12: 2623-2628.