Prospective Students

Information and resources for prospective students

The following is a list of Principal Investigators, (PI’s) who are recruiting for September 2022:

Dieter Bromme  Lab Website
Harry Brumer  Lab Website
Shoukat Dedhar    Lab Website
Franck Duong  Lab Website Introduction Video
Lindsay Eltis  Lab Website
Leonard Foster Lab Website
Ethan Greenblatt  Lab Website
Joerg Gsponer  Lab Website  Introduction Video
Philip Hieter  Lab Website
Eric Jan Lab Website
Christian Kastrup Lab Website
Hugh Kim Lab Website
Thibault Mayor  Lab Website  Introduction Video
Vivien Measday Lab Website
Robert Molday Lab Website
Corey Nislow  Lab Website
Seth Parker Lab Website
Natalie Strynadka  Lab Website
Sriram Subramaniam    Lab Website
Nobu Tokuriki  Lab Website
Filip Van Petegem  Lab Website
Calvin Yip Lab Website

If you are interested in joining their research team, please visit their profile pages to learn about their research activities. The publication lists on our site for some of our professors are only a selection of their work. Many of them maintain their own updated web pages, or have lab web pages with other organizations and departments.  Often these other links are both more current and provides an extensive listing of their publications.