Nicole Hawe – Defended MSc ThesisJuly 31, 2018Congratulations Nicole! On July 26, 2018 Nicole successfully defended her thesis, “TOR Signalling Regulates Cdk8-dependent Induction of the GAL Genes.” Nicole has been studying in the Sadowski Lab. Read More

UBC and BCIT Collaboration – Training for Forensic ScientistsApril 6, 2018UBC and BC Institute of Technology are offering a new joint Forensics Science bachelor’s program in September 2018. Dr. Warren Williams, Senior Instructor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Dr. Dean Hildebrand, Associate Dean of BCIT, Forensic Science are excited to announce this new opportunity to students. This collaboration provides a complementary environment for undergrads […] Read More

Miles Jaques – 2018 Wesbrook ScholarFebruary 13, 2018Miles Jaques, Biochemistry undergraduate student has been selected as a 2018 Wesbrook Scholar. The Premier Undergraduate Scholarships and Wesbrook Scholars are the University’s most prestigious designations, given to senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership, and involvement in student and community activities.  Congratulations Miles!!!     Read More

Congratulations Undergraduate 3MT WinnersFebruary 6, 2018The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department hosted our 3rd annual undergraduate biochemistry 3-minute thesis (3MT) event near the end of term 1.  Students who are currently in biochemistry directed studies (BIOC 448) or biochemistry honours thesis (BIOC 449) were invited to present the concept behind their research projects to an audience of undergraduate students and […] Read More

Google Doodle Honours Har Gobind KhoranaJanuary 9, 2018Gobind Khorana was a Biochemistry professor at UBC in the 1950’s. He was an expert on chemical synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. When he was working with Marshall W. Nirenberg at the University of Wisconsin, their research uncovered how DNA’s genetic code determines protein synthesis – which dictates how cell functions. That discovery earned […] Read More

Eric Jan Awarded Killam Award for Excellence in MentoringNovember 24, 2017Congratulations Eric Jan! The Killam Awards for Excellence in Mentoring in the mid-career category recognizes outstanding mentorship of numerous graduate students over many years. Eric fosters intellectual, professional and personal development in his graduate students.   Read More

2017 Michael John Page Postdoctoral Fellow AwardNovember 24, 2017Dr. Jürgen Niesser, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Natalie Strynadka’s lab, received the 2017 Michael John Page Award on October 26, 2017. Congratulations Jürgen! The Michael John Page Postdoctoral Award, established in 2013, honours the memory of UBC alumnus, Dr. Michael John Page. This award recognizes a postdoctoral fellow who reflects. Dr. Page’s academic excellence […] Read More

Dorothy Majewski awarded S H Zbarsky ScholarshipOctober 27, 2017Congratulations Dorothy! Dorothy Majewski a doctoral candidate in Dr. Strynadka’s lab was voted by our graduate students to receive the 2017 SH Zbarsky Scholarship.  Dr. Sidney Zbarsky was one of our founding members, and in his honour, his friends and colleagues generously donated enough funds to create an annual prize.  The award is presented to […] Read More

Gene Therapy Drug Breakthrough by Dr. Pieter CullisOctober 17, 2017Enabling Gene Therapy: UBC Research Leads to First Successful Phase 3 Trial for an RNAi Gene Therapy Drug Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (Boston, USA) and Sanofi (Gentilly, France) announced Tuesday, September 20 the first positive Phase 3 results for an RNA interference (RNAi) drug (Patisiran) which met its primary efficacy endpoint and all secondary endpoints (see […] Read More

Congratulations Doris Metcalf – Awarded Applegarth Staff Service AwardOctober 5, 2017The Faculty of Medicine Applegarth Staff Service Awards are annual awards recognizing outstanding contributions by UBC staff members to the Faculty of Medicine.  The awards are presented by the Dean at the Faculty of Medicine Annual Awards Reception. Doris Metcalf, Graduate Program Coordinator for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has given 31 years of unparalleled service […] Read More