BMB-GSA | Department of Biochemistry

The UBC Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association (BMB-GSA) represents the voice of graduate students in the Biochemistry Department at UBC. Our main goal is to foster a strong sense of community among graduate students in our department in order to establish an engaging learning and working environment. To this end, we organize a number of social, recreational and academic events all through the year.

All BMB graduate students are encouraged to attend the BMB-GSA monthly meetings. These meetings are designed to plan, delegate and organize the work for upcoming events. If you would like to participate and become more involved with the BMB-GSA or would like more information about upcoming events please contact any members of the committee via e-mail or through the BMB-GSA Facebook page.

Current Executive Members

President: Nicolas Pereyra (Devine Lab)
Vice-president: Teesha Luehr (Foster Lab)
Secretary: Nisha Johal (Parker Lab)
Treasurer: Calem Kenward (Strynadka Lab)
Communications Director: Nisha Johal (Parker Lab)
Academic Coordinators: Helena Sverak (Strynadka Labs) and Al Rohet Hossain (Greenblatt Lab)
Social Coordinators: Alek Lazarski (Strynadka Lab) and Lucy Chi (Foster Lab)
Wellbeing Coordinator: Wesley Mosimann (Strynadka Lab)

Upcoming Events

BMB-GSA Monthly Poster Sessions for 2024 – LSI 5th Floor Pod

At least 3 labs will present for each poster session. We are inviting all labs in the BMB department to participate. Dates listed below:

January 25, 2024 – Ciernia, Tokuriki, Yip

February 29, 2024 – Kobor, Greenblatt, Gsponer

March 28, 2024 – Mayor, Parker, Subramaniam

April 25, 2024 – Foster, Kim, Teves

May 30, 2024 – Cullis, Dedhar, Mui

September 26, 2024 – Chen, Jan, Howe, Molday

October 24, 2024 – Measday, Sadowski, Van Petegem

November 28, 2024 – Finlay, Duong, Strynadka

Past Events

BMB Paintball: August 7th, 2014