Assistant Professor of Teaching
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto, BSc, Hon.
University of Toronto, MSc
University of Toronto, PhD
phone: 6048228260
Biological Sciences Building, Room 3119
6270 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

I am brand new to UBC and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, but no stranger to teaching Biochemistry. I am looking forward to teaching BIOC 302 this year and getting to know the scientists and junior scholars here better – so please come and say hello.

I am passionate about both biochemistry and improving mental health and wellness in higher education. If you have thoughts or ideas on this; they are warmly welcomed. My door is open if you find yourself struggling with your health and need someone to point you towards potentially helpful resources.

My research interests are focused on nuclear organisation, especially understanding the in situ structure of chromatin. I use electron microscopy images acquired of specific elements to understand the relationship between DNA, RNA and proteins and how they act in concert to regulate the expression of the genome. 

Complete Publication List

Selected Publications

  1. Fussner E.*, Djuric U.*, Mike Strauss, Hotta A., Perez-Iratxeta C., Lanner F., Dilworth, J., Ellis J. and Bazett-Jones DP. Constitutive heterochromatin reorganization during somatic cell reprogramming. EMBO J 2011: 30(9): 1778-89 
  2. Fussner E.*, Strauss M.*, Djuric U, Li R., Ahmed K., Hart M., Ellis J. and Bazett-Jones DP. Open and closed domains in the mouse genome are configured as 10 nm chromatin fibres. EMBO Reports 2012: 13: 992-996 
  3. Nott TJ, Petsalaki E, Farber P, Jervis D, Fussner E, Plochowietz A, Craggs TD, Bazett-Jones DP, Pawson T, Forman-Kay JD, Baldwin AJ. Phase transition of a disordered nuage protein generates environmentally responsive membraneless organelles. Mol Cell. 2015: 5;57(5):936-47. 
  4. Fussner E.*, Ching R.*, and Bazett-Jones DP. Living without 30 nm chromatin fibers. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 2011: 36(1):1-6 
  5. Fussner E., Ahmed, K. Dehghani, H., Strauss M., and Bazett-Jones DP. Changes in chromatin fibre density as a marker for pluripotency. Cold Spring Harbor Symposium of Quantitative Biology 2010 PMID: 21139070