Associate Professor of Teaching
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty of Medicine
McMaster University, 1996, BSc, Biochemistry
McMaster University, 2003, PhD, Biochemistry
Biological Sciences Building, Room 3049
6270 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

My primary teaching role is to run the two-4th year laboratory courses Advanced Biochemical Techniques (BIOC 420) and Recombinant DNA Techniques (BIOC 421).  The 4th year lab courses focus on developing strong laboratory and experimentation skills.  The content of these courses is in constant evolution reflecting the development of new research techniques and approaches. The aim of these courses is to provide students the skills to enter graduate school or a career in research. 

In addition, I oversee the project-based courses Directed Studies (BIOC 448) and Honours Thesis (BIOC 449).  I am also an advisor for 4th year students and Honours Biochemistry programs.   

My research interests are in the field of metabolism, with a particular focus on the altered metabolic states associated with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Most of my research is aimed at understanding the role of the hormone leptin in influencing metabolic pathways at the organism, cellular and molecular levels.

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