Senior Instructor and Advisor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine
University College of the Cariboo, 1996, BSc, Chemistry
University of BC, 2003, PhD, Biochemistry
phone: 6048228729
D.H. COPP BUILDING Office 4209
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

As a Senior Instructor with the department, I have three main duties:

1. Third year Biochemistry lecturer
My main interest is on cellular metabolism and its role in the human body. I teach carbohydrate metabolism in Biochemistry 300 (general biochemistry) and lipid metabolism in Biochemistry 303 (major and honors biochemistry). I also teach entire summer session of Biochemistry 300, which runs from mid-July to mid-August.

2. Academic Advisor for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department
I am an academic advisor with a focus on admissions, program and course selection, and academic standing and graduation.

3. Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutor/instructor in the Faculty of Medicine
As part of our department’s ongoing commitment to the faculty of medicine, I am a tutor for both the “pulmonary” and “fluids, electrolytes, renal & genitourinary (FERGU)” blocks in the first year medical program.

I am also the departmental WebCT administrator and serve on the departmental teaching committee.

Students wishing to contact me should either stop by my office (COPP Building, Room 4209) during office hours (M/W/F: 3-4, Tu/Th: 11-12) or email me at the address above. Please include “biochemistry” in the title and don’t forget your name and student number.

None provided.