2016 Michael Page Postdoctoral Award – Awarded to Dr. Evan HaneySeptember 16, 2016The Michael Page Postdoctoral Award recognizes a postdoctoral fellow who reflects Dr. Page’s academic excellence and his passion for life. This award is open to Postdoctoral Fellows in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology or the Centre for Blood Research in recognition of outstanding academic achievement combined with significant extra-curricular achievements (both scientific and […] Read More

Benjamin Martin Competing At Rio 2016 OlympicsJuly 8, 2016Benjamin Martin selected to represent Canada at the Rio 2016 Olympics in men’s field hockey.  Benjamin is currently a PhD candidate in LeAnn Howe’s Lab. When not practicing his field hockey skills, he is a scientist studying how gene expression states are maintained, in other words, how cells remember what they are. Watch the Olympic […] Read More

Warren Williams Award Killam Teaching PrizeMay 27, 2016Warren Williams awarded a Killam Teaching Prize for outstanding teaching to UBC community. Congratulations Warren! The Killam Teaching Prize is awarded annually to faculty nominated by students, colleagues and alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching. Winners are recognized at the graduation ceremonies.       Read More

Filip van Petegem Awarded CSMB New Investigator AwardMay 4, 2016Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences, (CMSB) awards Filip van Petegem CSMB New Investigator Award. Filip’s cutting-edge structural studies have provided fundamental insights into our understanding of integral membrane proteins, including ryanodine receptors and voltage-gated sodium channels. His structure function studies comparing wildtype and disease mutant forms of membrane proteins have provided valuable insight into a […] Read More

Dustin T King Awarded Governor General’s Gold MedalMay 4, 2016Dustin King, PhD, trainee from Natalie Strynadka’s Lab has been selected to receive a Governor General’s Gold Medal.  Only one Gold Medal is awarded to the student who has achieved the most outstanding academic record as a doctoral student. Dustin is one of 300 PhD’s graduating from UBC this year. Medals are presented on behalf […] Read More

Leo Ng Awarded Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant AwardApril 19, 2016Leo Ng, a PhD student in Cell and Development Biology and a trainee in Dr. Accili’s Lab, is awarded a Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for TA’ing Biochemistry undergraduate courses.  Leo has been a TA for us since 2013 Winter Session. Over the years, the comments in his TA evaluations are always positive and remarks on […] Read More

Undergraduate 3MT WinnersJanuary 8, 2016Congratulations to the winners of the Undergraduate Biochemistry 3MT event Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by The University of Queensland, Australia. Typically, these competitions are directed at graduate students. Considering the wide range of undergraduate research at UBC, on November 25, we had an undergraduate 3MT competition. Challenging their communication skills, […] Read More

2015 Distinguished Medical Research Lecturer AwardDecember 1, 2015Dr. Shoukat Dedhar have been selected by the Faculty of Medicine Research Council to be awarded the 2015 Distinguished Medical Research Award in Basic Science Research. “Every year the Faculty of Medicine recognizes the outstanding lecturers in our medical research fields. Candidates from Basic Sciences or Clinical Sciences are nominated by fellow faculty members on […] Read More

As Published in PNAS – Jan LabNovember 12, 2015 Read More

Solmaz Sobhanifar Awarded 2015 Michael John Page Postdoctoral Fellow AwardOctober 19, 2015Dr. Solmaz Sobhanifar, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Strynadka Lab, to receive the 2015 Mike Page Award . She will present a short seminar on, “The ‘bio’ in science and flamenco”. Friday, October 23rd at 4:00 pm in LSC #3, 2350 Health Sciences Mall. Read More