BMBDG Seminar – Douglas Fowler

“New approaches for addressing the effect of genetic variation at scale,” by Douglas M. Fowler, Associate Professor, Department of Gnome Sciences, University of Washington, School of Medicine.

How does a protein’s sequence encode its fold and function?  How do changes in sequence influence disease risk, prognosis and treatment? How do gene expression patterns combine with protein activity to define cellular processes like growth, migration and communication? The Fowler lab is interested in developing new ways to probe the relationship between genotype and phenotype, enabling us to better answer these questions. In particular, we have applied large-scale mutagenesis to reveal a new mechanism of kinase regulation, to better understand the meaning of variants in human genomes, and to better predict the impact of mutations.

Monday, October 7, 1019, at 2:30 pm, LSC #3

Hosted: by Christian Kastrup