BMBDG Seminars: PhD Exit Seminar – Brian Caffrey

“Three-Dimensional Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Molecular and Cellular Structures,” by Brian Caffrey, Candidate Subramaniam Lab.

Abstract: Unravelling the complex spatial arrangement of networks and interfaces between proteins, cells and tissues is fundamental to our understanding of healthy and pathological processes. Therefore, a three-dimensional ultrastructural understanding of this arrangement is key to developing modern diagnostic and therapeutic applications in disease. Here, we discuss our application of transmission and scanning electron microscopy techniques such as the Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) analysis of disease-related mutant protein dynamics; using Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) to elucidate the 3D structure of muscular mitochondria and in combination with light microscopy, to study nanoparticle-cell interactions.

Zoom presentations – Monday, October 5th, 2020 from 2:30 – 3:00 pm. Zoom link emailed to department members.