BMBDG Seminar – Steven Rutherford – Cancelled

Cancelled: “New modalities for interfering with outer membrane biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria,”  by Steven Rutherford, Senior Scientist, Infectious Diseases, Genentech.

Multi-drug resistant bacteria are a global health threat and new strategies are needed to combat them. However, the discovery of novel antibiotics to treat infections by Gram-negative bacteria has been thwarted by the outer membrane, a permeability barrier that excludes cytotoxic compounds from these cells. My laboratory has identified both large and small molecules that interfere with outer membrane biogenesis by targeting the essential proteins BamA and LptD on the bacterial cell surface, thus avoiding the outer membrane penetration problem. These molecules have validated BamA and LptD as potential antibacterial targets and revealed novel insights into the structures and functions of the only two essential outer membrane proteins.

Monday, March 16, 2020, LSC #3 at 2:30

Host: Dr . Franck Duong