MSc Program

On average students will take two to three years to complete their masters degree.

First Year

  • Register for your thesis course (BIOC 549, section 001).
  • The Graduate Coordinator will register you in 2 mandatory Biochemistry courses: BIOC 530 (3 credits) and BIOC 551 (3 credits)
  • As part of the BIOC 530 course requirements you attend the BMB seminars and write a brief description of each presentation. To be submitted to Grad Program Coordinator at the end of each term.
  • Your first research presentation for BIOC 530 will be schedule in Term 2.
  • Take the appropriate lab safety courses. You will obtain room and building access only after safety courses are completed.
  • Students who want to complete a masters degree must complete 12 credits of courses in their first two years.
  • Discuss with your thesis supervisor course selection. You are allow to take non-Biochemistry courses, if the course will complement your research.
  • A maximum of 6 credits of senior undergraduate courses, numbering from 300 to 499, may be counted toward the requirements of a master’s degree.
  • By mid December your should have chosen your supervisory committee and have scheduled your first meeting.

Second Year

  • Register for your thesis course (BIOC 549, section 001).
  • Register for any required courses.
  • The Graduate Coordinator will register you in BIOC 530
  • During the first term you will present a second seminar in the 530 class.
  • At the end of the term 2, you will be given a mark for BIOC 530
  • Meet with your supervisory committee by December 1st to receive their approval to continue with your research

Subsequent Years

  • Register for your thesis course twice per year – Winter Session: September to April (BIOC 549, section 001)and Summer Session: May to August (BIOC 549, section 941).
  • If you are in your last term, check with the Graduate Coordinator for registration in the appropriate thesis section.
  • You must maintain continuous registration and pay fees for each year as a graduate student.
  • Gaps in your registration and payment records may be interpreted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies as interruptions in your program and they may alter your award payments accordingly.
  • Attend all BIOC 530 seminars
  • Meet with your supervisory committee at least once a year
  • Write up and defend your thesis