Congratulations Undergraduate 3MT Winners

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department hosted our 3rd annual undergraduate biochemistry 3-minute thesis (3MT) event near the end of term 1.  Students who are currently in biochemistry directed studies (BIOC 448) or biochemistry honours thesis (BIOC 449) were invited to present the concept behind their research projects to an audience of undergraduate students and a panel of graduate student judges.  From the 12 presenters 3 award winners were chosen, a people choice winner was selected by the audience and another 2 selected by the graduate student panel.

Panel Winners:

Helen Tran presented,“Characterizing the Structure and Function of the CrPV 3’UTR.” Helen is a student in the Jan lab.


Gayatri Prakash presented, “The role of stress granule proteins in platelets expression.” Gayatri studies in the Kastrup lab

People’s Choice Winner:

Thomas Nguyen presented, “Budding Yeast: What are the FACTs?” Thomas is a student in the Howe lab.