BMBDG Seminar – Mathew Macauley

“Development of Biochemical Approaches to Study Siglec-Glycan Interactions”, by Mathew Macauley, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta.

Siglecs are a family of carbohydrate (glycan) binding proteins expressed on white blood cells that have immunomodulatory properties. Siglec-glycan interactions help maintain immune homeostasis and dysregulation of Siglec-glycan interactions have recently been implicated in cancer, neurodegeneration, and autoimmunity. The importance of Siglec-glycan interactions in human health and disease has motivated us to develop genetic, biochemical, and chemical approaches to better understand the glycans ligands of Siglecs. I will discuss our ongoing efforts in this area, with a focus on Siglec-3 (CD33) as a susceptibility locus in Alzheimer’s disease.

Monday, January 20, 2020 at 2:30 pm, LSC#3
2350 Health Science Mall

Hosted by Dr. Lawrence McIntosh