2020/21 Events

BMBDG Seminar – Dr. Yizhou DongTitle: “Development of nanomaterials for mRNA therapeutics, genome editing, and cell therapy” Dr. Yizhou Dong, Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University Abstract: Messenger RNA (mRNA) has shown great promise for broad therapeutic applications. However, the efficient and safe delivery of mRNA remains a key challenge for the clinical use […] BMBDG Seminar – Dr. Yizhou Dong

BMBDG Seminar – Dr. Khanh Dao DucTitle: “Unraveling translation dynamics and ribosome structural heterogeneity across scales and species” Dr. Khanh Dao Duc, Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia. Abstract: The translation of mRNA into protein is a fundamental biological process, regulated by the flow of ribosomes and many biophysical mechanisms that can locally modulate its dynamics. In the first part […] BMBDG Seminar – Dr. Khanh Dao Duc

Fabian Garces – Doctoral Exam“Biochemical Analysis of ABCA4 Mutations Responsible for Stargardt Disease”, by Fabian Garces, Doctoral Candidate, Molday Lab Virtual Exam, closed to examining committee only: Thursday, December, 10 at 10:00 am. Fabian Garces – Doctoral Exam

BMBDG Seminars: PhD Exit Seminar – Gloria Yang“The evolution of xenobiotic pesticide-degrading enzymes in the metallo-β-lactamase superfamily” by Gloria Yang, Dr. Tokuriki Lab, University of British Columbia. Abstract: New protein functions often evolve through the recruitment and optimization of latent promiscuous activities. How do mutations alter the molecular architecture to change function? The overarching goal of my thesis is to provide answers to […] BMBDG Seminars: PhD Exit Seminar – Gloria Yang

November Convocation – November 25, 2020Fall graduation 2020 for UBC, Vancouver will be a virtual ceremony.  Pre-show celebration begins at 2:30 pm. Ceremony begins at 3:00 pm. Congratulations to our students!!! Grad students obtaining their degrees this fall: Linda Dumalo, MSc Jasmine Li-Brubacher, MSc John Andrew Alexander, PhD Brian James Caffrey, PhD Nathanael Caveney, PhD Chloe Gerak, PhD Kathleen Kolehmainen, […] November Convocation – November 25, 2020

BMBDG Seminar – Jennifer Mitchell“Comparative epigenomics determines transcriptional regulatory codes in mammalian genomes,” by Jennifer Mitchell, Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto. Abstract: Non-coding transcriptional enhancers are critical for development, phenotype divergence during evolution and often mutated in disease contexts; however, even in well-studied cell types, the sequence code conferring enhancer activity remains unknown. Enhancers are […] BMBDG Seminar – Jennifer Mitchell

BMBDG Seminar – Reut Shalgi“Differential roles for DNAJ isoforms in HTT-polyQ and mutant FUS aggregation modulation revealed by chaperone network screens”, by Reut Shalgi, Assistant Professor, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Abstract: Protein aggregation is a hallmark of many neurodegenerative diseases. In order to cope with misfolding and aggregation, cells have evolved an elaborate network […] BMBDG Seminar – Reut Shalgi

BMBDG Seminar – Steven Rutherford“New modalities for interfering with outer membrane biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria”, by Steven Rutherford, Senior Scientist, Infectious Disease, Genentech. Abstract: Multi-drug resistant bacteria are a global health threat and new strategies are needed to combat them. However, the discovery of novel antibiotics to treat infections by Gram-negative bacteria has been thwarted by the outer membrane, […] BMBDG Seminar – Steven Rutherford

BMBDG Seminar – Gabriel Zentner“Making heads or tails of Mediator function, and how transcription start sites earn their STRIPEs”, Gabriel Zentner, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Indiana University Bloomington. Precise transcriptional regulation is critical for diverse aspects of biology ranging from cellular differentiation to metabolic homeostasis, and transcription is frequently deregulated in human disease. We use genome-wide approaches to […] BMBDG Seminar – Gabriel Zentner

BMBDG Seminars – Dr. Joerg Gsponer“The interactive behaviour of white-collar workers in biological systems.” by Dr. Joerg Gsponer, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC. Monday, October 19, 2020 at 2:30 pm. Join by Zoom. Hosted by Dr. Leonard Foster BMBDG Seminars – Dr. Joerg Gsponer