BIOC 530 Student Seminar

2019W Course Coordinators:

Drs. Shoukat Dedhar, Robert Molday and Dr. Lindsay Eltis

Schedule for BIOC 530 2019-2020

No Class on March 20th, presentations postponed.

Classes held in LSC#3 for term 1 and 2.


BIOC 530 Guidelines – contains important info and tips

  • All students must attend the BIOC 530 seminar for the duration of their graduate program (see Program Summary).
  • Participation and attendance in the first two years is worth 3 credits towards degree requirement. You will be registered for three terms in this course.
  • Attendance and submissions of BMBDG Seminars are part of the BIOC 530 course requirements.
  • The Graduate Coordinator will register students.
  • Second and third year students will present in the fall term; first year students will present in the spring term.
  • PhD students in their third year of graduate studies are eligible for the S H Zbarsky Scholarhship, (current value  is $3,050). This is awarded to the student who presents the best seminar as determined by a ballot of peers.
  • Students are encouraged to also present a seminar in their fourth year of graduate studies, if we have space available.
  • The Graduate Program Coordinator and the course administrators will contact you in August/September to notify you of your presentation date and to obtain your seminar titles.
  • Reminder: PhD candidates who already hold a MSc degree are not required to register but are required to attend.