2022/23 Seminars

Date SpeakerInstitutionTitleHostTime/Place
June 09, 2023Dr. Costin AntonescuToronto Metropolitan UniversityBMBDG Seminar Series
Special Seminar

Dynamic cell surface nanoscale organization controls receptor signaling in breast cancer cells 
Dr. Eden Fussner-Dupas3:00-4:00 pm/LSC 3 and Zoom. (Zoom information to be advertised)
April 28, 2023Dr. Peter WalterUniversity of CaliforniaLSI Joint Seminar Series

March 31, 2023Dr. John BurkeUniversity of VictoriaLSI Joint Seminar Series

Defining the molecular basis of how lipid signalling is dysregulated in human disease
Dr. Calvin Yip3-4/pm/LSC 3
March 24, 2023Dr. Heidi McBrideMcGill UniversityLSI Joint Seminar Series

Insights into mitochondrial vesicle formation and links to disease
Dr. Hilla Weidberg3-4 pm/LSC 3
February 24, 2023Dr. Julia CorderoUniversity of GlasgowLSI Joint Seminar Series

Reciprocal gut/body signaling during intestinal health and disease.
Dr. Elizabeth Rideout3-4 pm/LSC 3
February 17, 2023Dr. Ruth LehmannMITLSI Joint Seminar
Translational regulation in germline condensates.
Dr. Ethan Greenblatt3-4 pm/LSC 3
February 06, 2023Katherine ZhaoUBCPh.D. Exit Seminar

The last dance with peptidiscs: 
Characterization of membrane proteomes from prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells using peptidiscs
Dr. Franck Duong2:30 -3:30 pm/LSC 3 and Zoom. (Zoom information to be advertised)
February 03, 2023Dr. George ChurchHarvard UniversityLSI Joint Seminar Series

tRNA-code: Resistance to all viruses.  Tropism-Code: Delivery  TF-code: Cell types
LSI Joint Seminar Committee3-4 pm/LSC 3 and Zoom
February 02, 2023Dr. Eric LecuyerIRCM*Special Seminar*

“Insights into the sub cellular travels of cellular RNAs and RNA binding proteins
Dr. Eric Jan

Dr. Ethan Greenblatt
3:30 pm-4:30 pm/LSC 3 and Zoom. (Zoom information to be advertised)
January 30, 2023Dr. Thomas KislingerUniversity of TorontoBMBDG Seminar

“Membrane Proteomics: Biomarker Discovery and Therapeutic Targets”
Dr. Franck Duong2:30 -3:30 pm via Zoom. (Zoom Information to be advertised.)
January 27, 2023Dr. Geraldine SeydouxJohn Hopkins MedicineLSI Joint Seminar Series

Assembly and function of RNA granules in germ cells
Kenji SugiokaTBD
January 13, 2023Dr. Clemens CabernardUniversity of WashingtonLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Cell and mechanobiology of asymmetric cell division”
Dr. Kenji Sugioka3-4 pm/LSC 3
January 06, 2023Dr. Christopher OverallUBCLSI Joint Seminar Series

“The Cellular coup d’etat executed by SARS-CoV2 proteases to escape autophagy and ISG innate defenses”
Dr. Jessica Rosin3-4 pm/LSC 3
November 25, 2022Dr. Zabrina BrummeSFULSI Joint Seminar Series

“Hitting a moving target: how understanding HIV reservoir dynamics can help advance HIV cure research
LSI Trainees Joint Seminar Committee3:00-4:00 pm in LSC 3
November 10, 2022Dr. Susan ShaoHarvard UniversityLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Mechanisms of membrane protein quality control”
Dr. Hilla Weidberg3:00-4:00 pm in LSC 2
November 07, 2022Dr. Gerd PrehnaUniversity of ManitobaBMBDG Seminar

“Versatility of the type VI secretion system.”
Dr. Natalie Strynadka2:30-3:30 pm in LSC 3 and Zoom
(Zoom Information to be advertised.)
October 28, 2022.Dr. Khanh Dao DucUBCLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Investigating the heterogeneity of ribosomal dynamics and structures”
Dr. Mark Cembrowski3:00-4:00 pm in LSC 3
October 14, 2022Dr. Nadine CaronUNBCLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Silent Genomes Project”
Dr. Lindsay Rogers3:00-4:00 pm in LSC 3
October 07, 2022Dr. Matthew McCallumUniversity of WashingtonLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Using cryoEM to reveal sites of vulnerability for viral entry”
Dr. Natalie Strynadka3:00-4:00 pm in-person in LSC 3
October 03, 2022Jibin Sadisivan and Reid WarsabaUBCPh.D. Exit Seminar

Jibin Sadasivan-“When proteins go viral: Investigation on how a viral protein impairs stress granule formation”

Reid Warsaba-Multiple Viral Protein Genome Linked Proteins in Dicistrovirus Infection”
Dr. Eric Jan2:30-3:30 pm in LSC 3 and Zoom (Zoom Information to be advertised.)
September 12, 2022Dr. Roberto ChicaUniversity of OttawaBMBDG Seminar

Ensemble-based computational design of enzyme catalysis and conformational equilibrium
Dr. Nobuhiko Tokuriki2:30-3:30 pm in LSC 3 and Zoom (Zoom Information to be advertised.)
September 19, 2022Amy StrilchukUBCUBC
Ph.D. Exit Seminar (Cancelled)

Blood clot stability can be controlled using lipid nanoparticle-delivered siRNA
Dr. Christian Kastrup2:30-3:30 pm via Zoom (Zoom Information to be advertised.)
September 26, 2022Dr. Tom HobmanUniversity of AlbertaBMBDG Seminar

Unraveling RNA virus-host interactions reveals novel antiviral targets.
Dr. Eric Jan2:30-3:30 pm via Zoom (Zoom Information to be advertised.)
September 16, 2022Dr. Kat Milligan-McClellanUniversity of ConnecticutLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Adapting an evolutionary model organism for host-microbe studies”
Dr. Carol Tropini3:00-4:00 pm in-person in LSC 3
*Postponed*Dr. Karen MossmanMcMaster UniversityLSI Joint Seminar Series

“Innate immunity in bats: what can we learn to combat future pandemics”
Dr. Ninan Abraham*Postponed*